Superior, crystal clear, terpene rich.

Refined with state of the art fractional spinning band technology.

Fractional distillation under vacuum produces the highest quality distillate oil. A spinning band acts like a turbocharger to that process; making the cleanest, clearest, most refined oil possible. Over 99% pure and 100% solvent-free.

Custom strain-specific formulations.

Our terpenes are then re-introduced to the refined distillate using custom formulations based on the specific terpene profile of each unique batch.

Steam-derived terpenes add a robust flavor and aroma and make for a bold, full-bodied vaping experience.

Crafted from the purest forms of cannabis.

Our distilled cannabis is infused with live terpenes in both cartridge and syringe allowing for an easy, compact, portable, and discreet method for cannabis consumption.


Our custom-made distillate terpene cartridges are carefully handcrafted with 100% cannabis-derived material.

This flavorless material is added to a strain-specific terpene rich solution, naturally derived from the highest quality cannabis.



Delivering a powerful, full-bodied experience.

Refined with precision creating the purest forms of cannabis imaginable. Our concentrates are created with one concept in mind, quality over quantity.


Exclusive strains and limited drops.

Using advanced extraction techniques, we hand select only the finest materials to be processed to ensure the quality of our products live up to the highest standard.