• “I am very excited to be working with Higher Vision, a company that approached me with the finest cannabis oil I have ever tasted. Higher Vision Cannabis preserves the aromatic terpenes that give a unique flavor to each bud and are lost in 95% of most oils available. So when I tried Higher Visions oil, it was like tasting the future. The oil is of the highest quality medical grade purity, tested and certified. Clean, clear sparkling highs with all vaping or cooking. I am honored to have my art associated with one of the greatest suppliers of cannabis products in the world.” – Alex Grey in Emerald Magazine
  • “It’s the best we’ve had, multiple people in the office said so. Hence, we want to sponsor them in the cannabis cup. We taste a lot of stuff, and we think Higher Vision has a good chance of winning.” – Anthony Borszcz (Kanvas Director of Sales)
  • “Higher Vision Cannabis’ Super Oil stands tall as a pure extract.– Quality Buds
  • “Super Oil can be applied to a joint, it can be used in a vapor pen, it’s dabbable with a rig, it can be applied as a topical oil on your skin and it’s edible. Now that’s an all-purpose cannabis product!…Super Oil made its debut last July, but is already widely used by cannabis chefs.” – The Fresh Toast’s 3 Marijuana Products You Need To Try Before You Die
  • “Cannabis distillation is intriguing on various levels, as there are still ample opportunities for growth and advancement in this burgeoning sub-industry, ready to blossom into an entirely new approach to producing weed concentrates in a post- legalization world.” – High Times
  • “Amongst the best we’ve ever tasted.” – Alexander Gordon (Kanvas Director of Product Development)
  • “Distillates and isolates represent the future of ancillary cannabis products (edibles, vapes, oils) and broader acceptance and infusion into everyday life…As much as I’d like to be the dirty stoner and say ‘No, man, it’s just flowers and dabs, there’s where it’s at, man’ – that’s not reality, that’s not how manufacturing products work when it’s done on a massive scale. It’ll be concentrate distillation.” – Dave Bonvillain, owner of Elite Cannabis Enterprises and Elite Botanicals
  • “As you make things more potent on the cannabinoid side, you’re removing things like terpenoids and flavonoids [cannabis metabolites also contributing to the color, smell and flavor of a strain], the overall ensemble of components that make for the complete cannabis experience…You definitely want to maintain the ‘entourage effect’ because when you don’t have all the terpene activity, you lose some of the firepower.” – Dave Bonvillain, owner of Elite Cannabis Enterprises and Elite Botanicals
  • “It is great to see that Higher Vision is putting so much thought into the activation and accentuation of terpenes. This aligns perfectly with the ethos of Kanvas and will be a great foundation for working together.” – Joe Doyle (Kanvas Director of Design & Engineering)
  • “There’s not a ton of transparency in the [vaporizer] processes right now…It will change in the future, once they’re lab tested and regulated. I would say the more pure the oil is, the better. That’s what people want right now. Vape pens are a growing part of the industry, it’s not going away.” – Aaron Justis, CEO of Buds & Roses


Since inception, Higher Vision has received several awards for its Super Oil and products made in collaboration with other cannabis companies, including:

2017 1st Place Vape Cartridge (Sour Diesel by IndigoPro), 2017 High Times NorCal Cup 2nd Place CBD Edible (Toasted Sesame Miso by Om Edibles and Talking Tree Farms), 2017 High Times NorCal Cup 3rd Place THC Edible and 4th Place CBD Edible (Cannabis Love Bar by Lulu’s Botanicals), 2017 High Times NorCal Cup 4th Place Distillate (Strawberry Banana Sherbet Super Oil by IndigoPro), 2017 Emerald Cup


Highest Terpenes Award, 2016 Humboldt County Secret Cup Best Overall Concentrate, 2016 Casual Crop eXchange 3rd Place Vape Cartridge, 2016 High Times Medical Cannabis Country Fair Cup in Michigan