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Why Cannabis Derived?

Unfortunately many terpenes added to cannabis oil do not, in fact, come from cannabis.  As with most things, artificial terpenes can be manufactured synthetically in a laboratory.  The taste is often septic and harsh, easily identifiable as fake, and hardly comparable to the real thing.

Why Steam Distilled?

Steam distillation is an all-natural and solventless process that captures the full spectrum of terpenes, as they are released organically, and BEFORE they are exposed to extraction solvents.  Preserving the natural integrity of the terpene profile.

Cannabis terpenes are often fractioned or isolated AFTER exposure to extraction solvents as part of the short-path distillation process.  While this method can yield quality terpenes, steam distillation is more eco-friendly and keeps the natural order of the genetic terpene profiles more in tact.