Our Labor of Love

Our lives and the world around us are both ripe for transformation and it’s up to us to transform them. However, it’s often difficult for that transformative process to begin without deep healing and that’s where we come in.

Inspired by the artwork of visionary artist Alex Grey, particularly his landmark painting, “Higher Vision,” we decided to come together with him to help fulfill his dream to heal the world with cannabis. With decades of experience in the industry, our team is committed to creating and distributing only the highest-quality cannabis products on the market.

Renowned for his work around the world, Alex Grey has developed an unprecedented reputation for his ability to take viewers on an enlightening journey toward their own divine nature through an in detail examination of the body, mind, and spirit. Much like Alex Grey, we too share the common belief that we can use cannabis as a tool to tap into higher realms of consciousness and creativity. 

Experiencing firsthand cannabis’ powerful healing properties, through our strategic alliances with the most trusted and reliable farms and technology, we make and deliver the highest-quality cannabis products imaginable. Through our steam distillation and spinning band distillation processes, we produce some of the finest cannabis products available today. 

This allows our customers to truly experience the divine imagination and experience the profound physical, spiritual, and emotional healing that only cannabis can provide.